Виза в ОАЭ Gold Card улучшает плтенциал инвесторов

13 июля 2019
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A new survey says that existing UAE investors have a greater desire to increase their portfolio, while potential investors are now more open to start investing.

A survey of investors and residents of the UAE showed that the Gold Card has recently introduced a permanent residence scheme and created positive moods.

A survey of more than 1000 respondents showed that existing investors have more desire to increase their portfolio, and potential investors are now more open to start investing.

79% of UAE investors say that with the launch of a permanent residence scheme they will consider expanding their investments in the country, according to a survey conducted by Real Estate, Real Estate Development Department.

68% of emigrant investors from the UAE said they were planning to increase their investment portfolio by investing in real estate, in particular, real estate in Dubai.

The study showed that the leadership was investment class (68%), followed by business (26%) and shares (4%).

Of those who showed interest in real estate investments, 79.7% said they prefer to invest in Dubai.

Optimism extends to those who still do not have investments. According to the survey, among 819 respondents who are not yet investors, 29% said they would consider investing in the UAE because of the scheme of permanent residence.

The CEO of Real Estate, said: “The growth in the number of expats interested in real estate investments indicates that they are becoming more confident in the market. The real estate sector is one of the main sectors that govern the economy of the UAE, and shifting their thinking to buying from rent is certainly a big incentive. ”

He added: “A permanent residence visa is an excellent initiative of the government to stabilize the country’s economy, especially the real estate market. The growth of interest of foreign investors and expats to the purchase of real estate in the UAE is expected, which will eventually lead to a boom in the real estate sector. ”

Last month, it was announced that 400 people had received a residence visa with a gold card.

The UAE plans to issue another 6,400 visas for gold cards by the end of the year.

The new permanent visa in the UAE is designed to attract foreign investment and attract the best engineers, scientists and outstanding students.

A visa with a gold card is updated automatically every 10 years if its owners fulfill the conditions.

The UAE also announced an expansion of the scheme so that foreign executives are eligible if they receive a monthly salary of 30,000 dirhams ($ 8,200).

Applicants will also need a bachelor’s degree and at least five years of work experience to apply for a residence visa for a period of 10 years, as per the submission of the Federal Authority for Personal Affairs and Citizenship.

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